Louis Sirota, AIA



Louis has over seven years of hands on international experience designing cutting edge educational facilities for both the Higher Education and K-12 markets. Working past projects afforded real world knowledge in the design of K-12 Schools, Early Childhood Centers, Student Housing, University Buildings, Sports Complexes, Auditoriums & Lecture Halls, Libraries, and much more. One of Louis’s strengths is his ability to creatively interpret the needs of a school and translate those needs into a well-functioning design that meets both the current and future needs of the school. Having worked on a multitude of scales including new construction, small & large renovations, entire campuses, interiors, exteriors, landscapes, no matter the type of project Louis will direct a team to success.
Louis acts as both a Lead in the design efforts and also with project coordination and management. He has been a key design team member on over 30 innovative school projects since 2012. His key projects have been YCIS Secondary School in Chongqing, The Learning Campus in Tonxiang, Strathcona Tweedsmuir School in Alberta, St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School in Ontario, and Texas Teach University Satellite Campus in Costa Rica. His most notable role was leading a collaboration with the Yew Chung International Educational Foundation, reinventing what learning looks like in their large and small-scale school campuses across China.
In addition to work with Education Design International, Louis has experience as a research scientist for Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) where he collaborated with a team to help improve the energy efficiency of campus buildings with the goal of developing a system which could be applied to campuses all across the world. He has also worked at a residential design firm assisting in the design of student housing, single family housing, and mixed-use residential projects. Louis believes in the ability of architecture to transform the world. Through thoughtful design, a school can enhance a student’s ability to learn and, more importantly, provide them an increased chance at being successful in life.
He uses sustainable, flexibly suited, variably sized, and interactive spaces as the core with which to design schools of the future for the clients all over the world. His master’s thesis project captured many of his beliefs as he proposed a design, which reinvented the academic library, transforming it from a storage house of books to an interactive learning centric landmark on the college campus. This new model for the library allowed for the integration of ever-changing technologies and social trends as the basis of its futuristic design. His academic success has translated into innovative and forward- thinking designs in the professional world.
Louis is a licensed architect in multiple US states and has both a Masters of Architecture and Bachelors in Environmental Design from North Dakota State University.

Contact Louis at Louis@EducationDesign.com