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After 16+ years as the Founding President & CEO of Fielding Nair International, I’m excited to announce the formation of my new venture Education Design International!

EDI will leverage school construction dollars using the latest research and technology tools to improve education at every level. With a team of 40 hand-picked professionals located throughout the world, EDI has a headstart on true education innovation and transformation. To learn more about EDI please visit our website at


Learning spaces are, first and foremost, about learning. This site is designed for all the stakeholders of education who have the opportunity and the desire to direct school construction funds towards transformational educational change. There are three words that I believe in when it comes to education: Purpose, Collaboration and Creativity. I hope you will find them well represented here.

I have posted videos, publications and a few of the dozens of wonderful projects I had the honor of being associated with over the past 20 years. You can subscribe to my blog to which I will be contributing relevant articles and ideas on a fairly regular basis. You can also contact me for a consultation or if you would like me to speak at your event. Thank you and I look forward to your feedback.

Thank you and I look forward to your feedback. To see my detailed bio, please click HERE

School Architecture Plan for Emerald Elementary Boulder Valley, Colorado by Prakash Nair
Ken Robinson | Prakash Nair
With Sir Ken Robinson
The highlight of my year!

I had the distinct pleasure and honor to spend quality time with Sir Ken Robinson, who is, possibly, education’s most influential and compelling advocate for innovation and transformation.

Keynote and Masterclass by  Prakash Nair
Keynote and Masterclass at
EduTech Sydney

I was honored to keynote the 2019 EduTech Conference – the largest education conference in Australia — for third year in a

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My TEDX Talk


I owe much of what I have achieved to my mentors and colleagues from who I have learned so much. Here are three of my professional associates I value greatly.

Dr. Richard Elmore
Prof. Emeritus, Harvard University
Roni Zimmer Doctori | Principal Architect at Prakash Nair
Roni Zimmer Doctori
Principal Architect, EDI
Bipin Bhadran at Prakash Nair
Bipin Bhadran
Regional Director, EDI

Blog Posts

Shorecrest Prep Student Centered by Prakash Nair

From time to time I will be posting my observations on the state of education. Many (but not all) posts will be connected to learning spaces. That is because, while school design is my interest, transforming education is my passion.



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