International School of Dusseldorf, Germany

Master Plan & Pathfinder Projects

As part of the master plan, a pathfinder for the 5th grade was envisioned to demonstrate to the larger school community what is possible through transforming space and learning practice.

A team of five 5th grade teachers sought new ways to work together to deliver project-based experiences for 100 students.

The pathfinder project brings the outdoors in by reimagining the 5th grade wing as an interior landscape complete with a fort, tree trunks, peaks and valleys. It includes a professional space for planning and collaboration, eight learning spaces of different size and character and a wide range of resources to deliver their vision.

Watch this Video to see how the teachers are using the new Pathfinder space

Master Plan & Pathfinder Projects for International School of Dusseldorf, Germany by Prakash Nair